3/19/22 – The Next Level

“Anytime you’re about to go to a new level, God will bring new people into your life. These people become the relationships that God uses to release you from the old and move you into the new. When you connect with that person, the power of God begins to flow in a new way in your life and you find yourself moving from where you are to where you need to be. You see, there’s a “real you” trying to break out. God sees the real you. He sees what is inside of you that can take you into your destiny. A Godly mentor will keep raising the bar for you, asking for a little more effort and for better results, and teaching you to expect more from yourself.” – Right People Right Place, Right Plan, Jentezen Franklin

The devotional is in a word (powerful) today. It hit home and brought me to the realization that this is what is happening in my life. God has recently brought me a mentor. He brought someone that is raising the bar for me, asking me every day to expect and believe more in my abilities and capabilities, that I am good at what I do. This lightbulb moment confirms the fact that my life trajectory is heading to a new level, and that God has brought me encouragement by people, by placing my new mentor into my life.

So today I am surprised, touched, and inspired by this new truth. I am thankful and so grateful that I was lucky enough to be sent this cheerleader from God, a Godly mentor. It makes my heart soar knowing that I’m thought of enough to deserve this kind of cheerleader. It makes me think this must be how God feels about all his children, that he is our biggest cheerleader and will send us the right people we need. Today I am surprised by this revelation and the fact that I would even be thought of enough to deserve this kind of person in my corner. I’m pretty lucky to have her, and wow is that powerful.

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