3/20/21 – Rejection is God’s Protection

Silently slipping into my mind is how I’m always left behind.

Yet then I stop and think again, I am not the only reason things had to end.

I walked back in a second time, forgetting the strength I once had to ignore your crimes.

All of the lies, all of the games, nobody could imagine those months of pain.

What you did was just the start, of the year when God crushed my heart.

He let you walk all over me, only to once again make you leave.

Your absence wasn’t the only to come, the good Lord also took my precious ones.

Now here I am one year later, seeing your face and trying not to be a hater.

As you see God did me a favor, he took you away again as he is my savior.

Your rejection was God’s protection, taking you away from my direction.

So its not so bad being left alone, in the end I’m safer on my own.

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