3/18/22 – Ahhhhh, Friday I’m in Love!

I am in love with Friday – even if it’s freezing cold and pouring rain. Graduate school homework (that I’ve been putting off) is piling up so today’s slice is short & sweet.

1.) What surprised me today?

I surely surprised myself today when a student of mine was bolting down the hallway. Yours truly went after him, without even thinking – and in front of the principal I took the student for his planned break. I am never the one being asked to charge in on these situations, I’m usually the last invited to help. Yet something in me today in that moment said go show em’ what you are made of. I calmed the situation like a pro, in front of the people who doubt me most. I have to say it was pretty surprising. I really shouldn’t be surprised – I’ve built relationships with these students and they know they matter to me.

2.) What touched my heart today?

A student of mine called me beautiful. Um, what? I truthfully wasn’t sure I had heard him right. Another who is always huffing and puffing at me ran across his 2nd grade classroom and gave me a hug, in front of everyone! All I had done was give him a thumbs up for a job well done and then boom. 98% of the time he’s frowning at me, but in that moment I was worth darting across a full class to receive a huge smile and hug. These kids make my life mean so much more than I ever thought it could.

3.) What inspired me today?

The future inspired me today. With each day I do become more comfortable in who I am and the role I play. People I have met always ask me why I work in special ed. Today again proved why, these kids inspire me, and I hope one day they will say the same about me.

4 thoughts on “3/18/22 – Ahhhhh, Friday I’m in Love!

  1. Don’t ever forget our “WHY” and in all honesty, my WHY has never been my co-workers or my admin! It’s been the students (and my family)! You are an amazing teacher because you aren’t afraid to show your students that they are YOUR “WHY”!

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