3/27/22 – An Ode to the Jelly Bean

Oh happy day

You are here again

It’s very nice to see you my old friend.

Easter is that time of year

When you are oh so very near.

It’s very hard not to resist

Another bag I must insist.

Spiced, Sparkled, and even Speckled

Another season of being heckled

I simply cannot put you down you see

For Jelly Beans you only come once a year to me.

So once again I am off to enjoy

Again your company I must employ.

5 thoughts on “3/27/22 – An Ode to the Jelly Bean

    • It is a REAL problem at this time of year. I may or may not have again bought two different bags at the store today. They have a hold on me lol. Thank you for reading!


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