3/28/22 – One Year Ago

One year ago a new journey started which is not yet complete. Yesterday I was reminded that I did not retreat in defeat.


Though all of the fires of grief rained down on me too, and oh how I suffered, feeling so very, very, very blue – through it all a wish has come true now. The first year of my M.Ed is over.


I realized yesterday when I submitted my last project of the current term, just how strong the human spirit really is. This I did learn.

Whilst dealing with so much tragedy and life upheaval, the human spirit can still carry its torch and run its race. This I did the last year despite all the loss thrown in my face.


While the last year crushed my spirit in so many ways, it reminded me yesterday that there are still to come so many better days. You might be asking yourself how I know of this next phase.

Well, when I submitted that project yesterday my eyes were full of tears. Why? Not because the class was over, but because of the intense pain and sorrow I feel. (With my loves gone the silence is surreal.)

I cry most days, yet at 3am I’m reminded by a little voice in my head how through that pain the human spirit, my human spirit, was led.

I could have easily thrown in the towel – we did lose three family members in the last year after all, but I didn’t – I chose not to fall.


I hope as this new year of my program begins that I never forget the light that’s within. This too shall pass and while I walk into this next year of grad school I know – mom, Ponch, and God will still be watching me grow.


4 thoughts on “3/28/22 – One Year Ago

  1. A beautiful and soul-searing reflection, full of courage and perseverance in the face of loss. My grandmother was one of my greatest champions; she cheered me on when I returned to college and didn’t live to see me finish. Yet she remained such a part of the experience and never seems far away. You so captured that sense here. Your champions are always your champions – and love lives on. Congratulations on all you have accomplished; your celebratory poetic lines impart strength – as does that powerful verse from Psalms.

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