3/31/22 – A New Journey Begins

How a month flew so fast I will never know. Where I started this journey is not where I’ve ended up, and that is a lesson I’ve learned this life. It doesn’t matter where you start, the end will not be what you imagined. As we clean out our house to move on to the next phases of our life journey, I am reminded of how truly rich and blessed my life has been. I had an absolutely incredible mom for 40 years, (I feel her around all the time so I know she is still watching over me too.) I had the best friend in Ponch for 13 years, man it was so nice to have someone always so happy to see me. As I started this month honoring their memories, I end this month doing the same, with the new journey on the horizon, and their memory forever in my heart. I’m very excited for what is to come and I thank you for joining me this last month as I put the past way away to begin again – off on this new journey I am.

15th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge

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