3/29/22 – Where Has A Month Gone?

One thing is for certain – time flies. Before you know it you blink and you are middle aged. The conveyor belt of life reminds me of a popular gameshow; and the game where the yodeler climbs up the hill and then falls off the edge.

This is how I’ve been thinking of life lately as I’ve lost some key players of mine. I picture us all walking up this hill and one day we too will fall off the edge. That thought terrifies me more than most – that my life is probably half over already. It makes me want to savor every moment, it makes me want to truly say how I feel when I’m feeling it, it makes me want to take on everything that I can imagine, and most of all it makes me want to embrace the time I am given with those I love. Before my other loved ones become a memory I must seize this gift and hold on to it for as long as I can. Most of all the passing of time has made me realize one of my favorite quotes is true: that “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away.”

Like the moment I saw my mom breathing in her hospital bed, my soul said to leave her alone with my dad and the pastor, and walking back in she had gone. That is a moment that took my breath away and is one I will never forget.

Seeing how fragile life is in that moment snapped me back to reality. How much time I have wasted and could have been loving her so much more. How I truly didn’t realize what I had, until it was gone. Where has a month gone – where have 40 years gone?

1 thought on “3/29/22 – Where Has A Month Gone?

  1. Love the quote you added at the end about suffering. Our challenges will lead to new beginnings, growths, and we become better people because of it. I also really like your blue wallpaper…it’s pretty and relaxing.

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