3/21/22 – Four More Days Until Spring Break!

I am more than ready for a week off after the true upheaval of my life this last year. Even though I won’t be going anywhere I fully plan to sleep in every day and have to help my dad pack up the house. 40 years of memories take a lot of time to clean out. Life has shifted in so many ways and I’m still waiting for the new doors to open – the sun has to come out eventually right? The emergence of spring break also has me thinking to the end of the school year. Many changes are occurring there too and I’m trying not to let that reality bring me down. So here I am still trying to stop the negative loop playing in my mind, one I fear I may never be able to break. Yet I’ll try anyway.

What surprised me today? The weather! Today was definitely a day to bask in the sunshine. (Also a day to be thrilled to be on recess duty!)

What touched my heart today? Thoughts of the past. Today is World Down Syndrome Day. Yours truly found herself thinking back to my first student teaching placement with a low-incidence classroom of cuties. Looking at our old memories my heart was reminded how much those kids will always mean to me. The way they looked up to their teachers I will never forget. Who knows – maybe I’ll be following my heart to another one of those classrooms one day. (The thought has never left my mind.)

What inspired me today? When I walked into the 2nd grade classroom to grab one of my kiddos for a group and the other one who it wasn’t time for yet asked if he could come with me. I’m not sure if that was to avoid work, but each time I walk in he asks if I am pulling him. It will never get old to have students who want to learn from me. That is inspiring.

4 thoughts on “3/21/22 – Four More Days Until Spring Break!

  1. I hope your spring break offers a bounty of soft down time for reflection about the golden moments, despite the hardship of this past year (past two years!). “It will never get old to have students who want to learn from me.” – this is beautiful. Best wishes clearing out your home – this is a tough transition.

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    • Yes – this transition hurts so much more than anything else I’ve endured. The only person who could truly cheer me up is gone, oh how I wish I still had my momma here. Thank you for stopping in.


  2. I’m glad you are thinking positively! Reading the positive thoughts of other people helps me stay positive. Sometimes four days seems like a lot of time. I also liked your format about what inspired, touched, and surprised you. I will have to try that out. Thanks!

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