3/14/22 – Monday Musings

It’s Monday. National take a nap day. I took a nap. Most days the thoughts in my head are not so pleasant, today I’m wishing they weren’t even present. Nevertheless to keep them at bay, let me tell you about my day.

1.) What surprised me today?

The absolute ignorance people can have for you when they don’t like you. I felt it yet again today, man I wish I could just walk away.

2.) What touched my heart today?

A student who is yelling at me most days, grabbed me around the waist and leaned in for a hug. Even though we struggle that definitely gave my heart a tug.

3.) What inspired me today?

Hope. There are people who care and it’s nice knowing they are there.

2 thoughts on “3/14/22 – Monday Musings

  1. I didn’t know there was a national nap day – I better not tell my daughter. (Not that she needs a special day to nap!) I love reflective slicing and all three of your reflections are centered around kindness. I like that – we need more of that!

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