3/12/22 – Saturday Somethings

Up before the earliest of dawns only to fall asleep again. Wondering why I can’t get you out of my head.

Laid back down to sleep and escaped reality to a place where we could meet.

Momma I cried for you last night listening to one of our songs, realizing that I’m trying, but that I’m not so strong.

Yet as I fell back asleep, you sent a messenger to let me know, just how far your love really goes.

Your love for me must reach behind a curtain where I can longer see, because she told me that you would never leave.

I heard her say that you constantly check in on me, that despite the distance you just wanted me to see.

I’ve known since October 26, 2021 that I can no longer see your face, but momma every day I still feel your grace.

Even though the silence without you is deafening, in my dreams I can escape to hear heaven sing.

It sings of your presence, it glows with your love, it tells me you’re still in my life, now just from above.

Momma even though you aren’t physically here, since you left I’ve always felt you are near.

I’ve smelled your perfume while making meals, I even have had taps on my feet which I was told were your feels.

Why you’d want to play with my feet I wouldn’t know, but mom every day I’ve been shown that you haven’t and will never let me go.

Through all of the signs you have sent to me, I know you’re always with me, just now finally you are free.

So momma wherever you are, please know you were always my star.

In my dreams each day I hope you see, how I feel I get to touch heaven just knowing you are near to me.

Please never leave and always guide, as for you I will run my race and take it all in stride.

Momma I love you, miss you, and finally see, little Kathy I will always be.

Momma, the wind beneath my wings, no longer here on earth with me, but a part of me I finally see.

3 thoughts on “3/12/22 – Saturday Somethings

  1. What a loving tribute to your mom. It is hard to get over not having our moms here on earth, but it is nice to know that they are still watching over us and sending love to those they left behind. May your mom rest in peace and you continue to find comfort knowing she is in Heaven.


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