3/11/22 – Finally Friday

Ahhhh Friday I missed you. I still have no idea why Friday is the day most of us look forward to in a week, other than the weekend gives us a chance (hopefully) to escape from work. Isn’t each day a gift? A day with a shelter, clothes to stay warm, food to stay full, and friends to pick you up and listen to you whine? Since my mom left I really do try to stop and find enjoyment in some aspects of every day. Momma I still miss you! Here is the highlight reel from my Friday, I hope you found some joy in the day too.

1.) What surprised me today?

I was quite surprised when I was on recess duty for all of 2nd grade and I went to take games out for one of the two classes. While I was doing so their teacher looks at me and says “is there something I can help you with?” You could probably guess that this was not said in the kindest way. I definitely think we need more kindness in the world, lots of it, in a hurry.

2.) What touched my heart today?

The simplest moments can really send shockwaves through your soul. This one did today. I’ve recently started working with a 1st grade student (about two weeks now) who has not had the easiest life. In fact I couldn’t imagine what this kiddo goes through, but I digress. I was walking to the second grade classroom I really spend all day in being a teaching assistant more than the LBS that I actually am. As I was walking the class my 1st grade kiddo is in was walking past me on their way to PE. Well wouldn’t you know it (no I wouldn’t have) that my 1st grader when they saw me ran out of the line and threw their arms around my legs giving me a huge hug. The smile on that child’s face solidifies why I do what I do. After two weeks I deserve a smile like that? After we have had only about 4 groups together? There are no words for how special those smiles make me feel.

3.) What inspired me today?

The future has been inspiring me lately. It has been inspiring me to speak up more, to not be so shy and afraid to contribute my thoughts to the things that matter. I’ve stopped trying to be nice to everyone all the time – (ok I haven’t), but I’ve certainly stepped out of my comfort zone when voicing my opinions. I’m being bold again like I was when I was a child (before the merciless bullying of Jr. High knocked me into a shell.) I’ve been hiding for so many years and it saddens me that it had to take life completely transitioning for me to find myself (and some incredible people.) I know my mom is watching over me, and I hope I’m making her proud as I walk into my future.

1 thought on “3/11/22 – Finally Friday

  1. You reveal so much here. Your format–surprise, touching of the heart, inspiration–gives me a new framework for being mindful of how each day in the classroom can transform me. Congratulations on an eventful day.


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