3/8/22 – Leaving the Past in the Rearview

In the days to follow I will be focusing on the light in my life and the joys to come. I am doing this to remind myself the current thunderstorm will end. One day, the light will come back again. Until then….

1.) What surprised me today?

Today I was happily surprised how much I enjoyed the Math planning meeting for our next 2nd grade modules! It was so nice just to sit with the team and lend my voice as the special educator. I surprised myself with the ideas that just flowed to the forefront of my mind. They came so quickly that I am starting to see the light that is my skillset in my new career as an educator. A very good friend has been telling me that I know what I am doing for months now, but today I finally am starting to see this and believe it within myself. I have a true light inside of me for helping students with special needs.

2.) What touched my heart today?

Today what touched my heart was when I came back from said meeting mentioned above. I had arrived back to my home school about twenty minutes before lunch and went to say hello to my kiddos who I was already missing as I was out all morning. I was truthfully shocked when I walked into their 2nd grade classroom and all 3 of my boys came directly up to me with big smiles (one with a hug) and immediately asked me where I had been! Yep, stopped me in my tracks, and brought such a smile to my heart. These kids see me. They look for me. They notice when I am not there, and they smile from ear to ear when I come back. That is pretty amazing to an educator who has yet to fully feel confident in what I bring to their world.

3.) What inspired me today?

Today I was inspired for the future. I took part in an event tonight that connected me with some pretty amazing folks. After meeting with them for a few hours I see the light on the horizon. I see the impact that I will have on even more students. The road ahead is now my focus as it is time to leave the horrors of my past in the rearview. I am becoming a whole new person, finally recognizing my worth and emerging from my cocoon of self doubt. I think I am going to need some shades, because the future is looking bright.

3 thoughts on “3/8/22 – Leaving the Past in the Rearview

  1. I love how you broke your slice into different positives. I especially loved the “stopped me in my tracks” as I could see and hear them expressing how they missed you! Keep your light shining bright! Wonderful teacher moments!

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