3/4/22 – The Sun WILL Come Out…

I have to keep telling myself the sun will come out again. The wheels of my life have literally fallen off of the bus. With all the suffering that has happened in the last year – I have to wonder when….

I keep telling myself that I’m at this juncture because just like a phoenix one must rise from the ashes. The last year has held my feet and emotions to the fire, while I had to duck left and right away from the soul crushing feelings of losing ALL of my closest loves. So lost in each moment I want so badly to give in, but then I tell myself – the sun WILL rise again. The universe keeps throwing flaming darts at me, more loss joining my life has left me no time to breathe. So lost in my emotions and wondering when this end, I have to keep reminding myself, the sun WILL come out again, but when?

7 thoughts on “3/4/22 – The Sun WILL Come Out…

  1. Dear Peace Be the Journey,

    Thank you first and foremost for your honesty and transparency, which are rivaled only by your resilience. I am most familiar with pain and trauma throughout the course of life (often in ways that I wish were unbeknownst to me); but, I treasure the silver linings on the visible clouds of your writing.

    I commend you for your awareness of the depth of the unsettling, yet your fierce insistence that brighter days are coming. You are right. Not knowing when those days will occur can be so unfathomable at times. Nevertheless, it is most heartwarming to know that they will surface sooner than later.

    I believe your spirited post is uplifting in many ways. You are inspiring others even amidst your most challenging times. I pray that you will be comforted and richly blessed, as this has undoubtedly been trying times for many.

    You have the spirit of a conqueror. I look forward to hearing of your many battles won.

    With all sincerity,

    ~Dr. Carla Michelle Brown

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  2. There has been so much grief in the past year, even the normalcy of life… my little family has missed out on so much, and I so long for something more “normal”.
    You are not alone in your grief -or in your hope, friend. ♥️

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  3. I hear you with this. It’s been a rough chapter of my life the past 2 years or so. I love the positive affirmation of this post. You are setting an intention for sunshine, and it will come. It will come.

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  4. I spent some time exploring your blog in order to get to “know you” and understand your recent losses. I certainly does seem like the last year has been sad beyond belief and yet, your post, as well as the name of your blog suggest to me that you are looking towards that light, poking through the clouds. Please know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers as part of this writing community. Keep looking towards the light. I hope you need sunglasses soon.

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